Nature at its best !

Whether it is for an islet, the entire length or a portion of the countertop, wood can match any style of kitchen and bring warmth and elegance. Using it in combination with another material is often the ideal solution.

Wood Countertops are available in solid wood species of maple, cherry wood, birch, walnut, distressed walnut and hickory, offering you a naturally charming and lasting style.

Wood Countertops are always custom made to your specifications choosing from three (3) different profiles and three (3) thicknesses.

The Butcher Block is available in the same wood species as Wood Countertops, but the wooden strips are in a different pattern. It has a greater thickness and covers a smaller surface than a Wood Countertop.


Did you know ?

  • To maintain their natural beauty and cinsistency, wood countertops should be oiled frequently.
  • A large amount of water can damage a wooden counter.
  • Ideal as a work surface, it’s easily  paired with another material.


Benefits !

  • Natural and versatile product
  • Renewable and repairable
  • Good heat resistance
  • Made to measure
  • Available in 4 species (maple, burch, walnut, cherry, distressed walnut and hickory)